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For over 15 years now, we've supported Mac users in all sorts of ways. From Residential to Business support, we would like to say we've seen it all. But tech keeps changing. And so do we. 

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Our team is both deeply qualified and deeply committed to your success. We've expanded to feature technicians because we know we are providing exactly the service that you need - not a blind 800 number or an awkward remote connection to a foreign country. 
Although our certifications are awesome, real world experience is where we shine. We test and feature so many products, we anticipate the next trend. And that experience will rub off on our clients services. We also consider our clients as important customers. We want to see reliability and security in all your doings. 
Gabe Steinbach
Gabe is certified in: Building programs and support that keeps your systems supported and running smoothly. Security? That's important to him. He'll also tell you where to compromise - or maybe when not to compromise. 
Simon is certified in: Helping customers get the support they NEED. He's also super-chill, and will make the exprience you might have dread for  - turn out to be not so bad. 
Eric White is a weathered Apple Retail Veteran, a total Disney nerd, and has an awesome family he likes to take to the Botanical Garden. We love Eric because his Apple experience made him a Genius–– both an actual Apple Genius AND a genius at working with just about anybody. This guy is the real deal, and a real pleasure to work with.
Gregory Ray has been an Apple Consultant for nearly 15 years. To keep up with all our clients' requests, especially our business customers who often have very complex mixed environments, Gregory is an extraordinary asset. He has extensive experience in Apple Server, Windows PCs and Server, Network Management, UNIX-y stuff, Web Development, Email Administration and frankly, problem solving. 
Along with hands-on technical consulting, Gregory also teaches the 'Introduction to iPhone and iPad' and 'Introduction to Smart Home' classes at St Louis Community College, plus hosts two tech-focused Meetup groups St. Louis Apple Professionals (SLAP) and Cider + Singularity.
Brandon is our newest MGSTL Technician. He worked as an Apple Genius for 3 years. While Brandon knows the Apple operating system best, he can also work with the Windows operating system as well. He's also become a Ubiquiti Fanatic. 
A St. Louis native, Brandon grew up in the Creve Coeur area and graduated from Parkway North High School. He enjoys tinkering with computers and playing pick-up hockey in his free time. 
Ryan is certified in being awesome at everything. Ok, we really mean both Macs and PCs. We help run businesses, from phones to internet based communication. It's not always a phone call... you know? Ryan has a new puppy. We wished we put that picture here. 
Carl Long is attending school for Computer Programming. But during the day, he is a network specialist - monitoring everything your network does. How well the WiFi works, and why your AppleTV isn't working (yes, these are network devices) 
Bob Westerholt is certified in keeping this company running. He is our Office Manager. And believe me when I say it, we need one. We have to keep dozens of jobs straight, and still be there for support (like 24/7 support) Bob is that answer. 

Just contact us. 

Want to know what our customers think about us? Here are our reviews: 

(10 out of 10) 

"They know what they're talking about - all of them, and they do what they say they're going to do."

"You guys are just awesome."

"We highly recommend MGSTL. They quickly solved every problem that we had. Gabe and Eric were very knowledgable, professional, friendly, and they completed the job exactly when they said they would."

"Eric is a great guy!"

"You guys are the best ,,always on time , and most helpful ."

"Very prompt and knowledgeable. Always gets the job done."


"Gabe was great to work with!"

"Gabe was very helpful and clearly knew all that he needed to know to deal with my…"

"Always prompt and solve whatever problem I have."

"Simon is so personable, reliable, and knowledgeable-your business model is awesome!!!"

"You are the best!"

"Very responsive and knowledgeable."

"Because they are friendly and knowledgeable."

"Gabe and Simon are knowledgeable, responsive, friendly, and reliable!"

"You are all fantastic and always most patient and helpful."

"Prompt, patient and very knowledgeable and helpful."

"easy to talk to. Not intimidating."

"Great service; good attitude. Very pragmatic."

"Great speedy service and a meaningful solution to a big problem."

"Excellent service"

"I am so happy with how my computer is running. I really appreciate your attentive service."

"Personal Service. Knowledgeable Staff. Easy/Rapid Accessibility. Genuine/Interested Personalities."

"you get the job done"

"very knowledgeable; very service oriented; exude and instill confidence."

"I love The Mac Guys!!"

"They know Macs better than the "genius" workers at the Apple store."

"always do a great job and very professional!"


"Individualized, courteous, truly helpful service."

"So knowledgeable and helpful all the time, easy to contact and just good guys. Priceless."

"Great service and expertise from nice guys. What's not to like!"


Gabe Steinbach, Apple Certified
Simon Steinbach, Apple Certified
Eric White
Gregory Ray, Apple Certified
Brandon Rosen
Ryan Jarrett
Carl Long
Bob Westerholt




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