The All-In-Program for our customers has morphed over the years. 10 years ago, remote access and smart networking equipment was rare and very, very expensive. We seem to have finally overcome those burdens, and moved toward products that help us to anticipate our customers tech support issues. ​

The purpose of the All-In Program Desktop Management is to provide us with advance diagnostic information we can use to anticipate your potential problems. We can contact you about issue BEFORE they happen. We also have discounted time, at the rate of $120/hr. for the times we are 'on-duty' and can help you via remote access. Saving travel time and the expense of vehicles, we can bring our customers quick, helpful and effective service. 

Read and sign up below - we charge $25/mo. per machine ($15 for each additional) for this service and includes for Sophos Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Web Protection. We have added Hardware monitors, spyware monitors, Dark Web Identity monitoring, and of course, support from US. By registering, you will receive remote support at the discounted rate of $120/hr. We will have techs available from 9am - 3pm so you can call in and get help quickly. Although we expect there might be a short wait for support, we are recognizing that when you need support, you need it... well, NOW. 

Please read about or program below and don't hesitate to contact us: 




Dispatch: (314) 400-7720

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