Services _


What kind of services to we offer? Heck, what do we NOT offer? After this many years of expereince, we've gotten quite adept at handling virtually any situation. We've excelled in corporate environments, kids schools, foreign countries, net connected automobiles and oh yeah, your home. When you meet our team, you'll see the specialties are far and wide. Finding unique ways to support clients is what we do. 

We know how to make all the pieces fit together, and we take our jobs very seriously and we like to get things right. So you can expect that from us all the time. 

Training and Support _

Need to know how to do something better? Want to learn a new app? Got a bunch of questions? You've found the right guys. 

Did you break it?  _

We can fix it. Ok, maybe WE can't, but we can make sure it gets done the right way, the best way, and without costing a fortune. It's about knowing the *right* way. 

Protect _

We take data security ridiculously seriously. Backups, Cloud Service, Encryption, Network Protection, Virus and Malware. Those are just the beginning for us. We have options that can get you running quick. 

Out of the Box _

Corporate Grade Private Email Server with high quality Spam control? We've got it. Private File Server? Yep. International VPN? on it. We have services you haven't even thought of. 

Your Memories _

We don't want a fire in your basement - but to lose all your print photos? Soooo not ok. Old video tapes? We doubt you'll hook up a VHS to the new 60" TV. We digitaze it all. Fast and furiously cheap. 

Who we are matters _

We don't want you to get to know a new tech every visit. That's why we are easy to work with, patient and understanding. We think it provides a consistentcy of service no one else can match. 




Dispatch: (314) 400-7720

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